Smart Medical Chain

Secure, efficient and continuous medical care outreach

Application Description

  • Permission based blockchain for Electronic Health Record.
  • It promotes the sharing of medical records via patient consent between healthcare providers; improving the efficiency of healthcare information exchange, medical record security and privacy protection.
  • It creates precise and personalized care services.

#Medical Center   #Healthcare Group   #Social Care

Product details
  • phrOS Supernode
  • phrOS SDKs for HIS
  • Light Node x 20
  • phrOS Explorer
  • phrOS Client App
Technical Specifications
  • Dapp
    -   Digital Identity
    -   Health Record
    -   Healthpoint Token
  • SDKs
    -   C#
    -   Javascript
    -   Android
    -   iOS
  • Management
    -   Identity Management
    -   Transaction Explorer and Notification
  • Distributed Storage
    -   IPFS Integration
  • Client
    -   Android App
    -   iOS App