Health Data Market

Uplift the value of medical data

Application Description

Use cases: Data Exchange

  • Healthcare data trading platform that connects patients, doctors with pharmaceutical companies; speeding up the development of new drugs.
  • Researchers able to source data from patients directly for their academic work.
  • Data analytics companies can source data for their reports & trends study.

#Healthcare Group   #Pharmaceutical
#Data Analytics   #Research

Product details
  • phrOS Node
  • phrOS Explorer
  • phrOS Client App
  • Web Exchange Marketplace
  • Healthcash Token
  • Wallet Service
Technical Specifications
  • Dapp
    -   Digital Identity
    -   Health Record
    -   Healthpoint Token
  • Management
    -   Identity Management
    -   Healthcash Token Management
  • Client
    -   Android App
    -   iOS App
  • Platform
    -   Data Exchange Web Platform